PWM Online Afterlife Lattes


March 10


08:30 am - 09:30 am


Peter Williams Medium

Website: Organizer's Website

Top of the morning to ya!! Grab your coffee and tea everyone as we get to explore to wonderful realm of the Afterlife.

Come join me on BookFace live feed where we all get the chance to cover a few topics, uncover mysteries and learn about the world beyond ours. Come with your questions and an open mind as we all get to have a chat whilst sipping on a morning coffee.

Tomorrow a couple of topics that we will cover are going to be:

– spirits signs
– how Spirit interact with us
– open question time

Join in at the following times:

Qld – 730am
NSW, VIC – 830am
SA – 8am
NT -7am
WA – 530am
London, Ireland – 930pm
East Coast US & Canada – 430pm

Looking forward to seeing you all there 😊