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Peter sometimes offers free mini-readings and sometimes free full readings from his Facebook page. In order to get one, first you need to ‘like’ his page and then watch the page for when the offers appear. Due to the nature of the site and everyone wanting to get one we only offer a limited amount and through small competitions. These campaigns can happen anytime, but Peter tries to do one at least once a week and sometimes more. Once you have like the page you just need to watch the wall. A word of warning though, they do go fast!
Yes, the reading is recorded. A lot of information can come through in a reading and is hard to absorb everything at the time. Having the reading recorded allows you to go back and listen it again whenever you feel the need as well as pick up things you may have missed the first time. You will also find that you may interpret the information differently the second time around as you are in a relaxed state of mind.
Yes, you are able to get a copy of the video at an extra cost. All the editing is outsourced and therefore extra costs will passed on. This price varies on the time taken and there is no guarantee as to when the editing will be completed due to time constraints from the editor. You will receive a quote before the editing process begins.
The choice is yours. Face-to-face clients have the option of paying the remainder of the balance on the day of the reading if they wish. Phone and Skype clients will need to have paid in full prior to the reading.
Yes. This is of upmost importance. The deposit secures your appointment time. If a deposit has been paid with 48hrs the appointment will be given to someone else.
Yes, provided that you have emailed or called within 48hrs then your deposit will be refunded in full or used to secure your rescheduled appointment time.
If you have booked in for a face-to-face reading then it will be held at the following address: Soul Point Holistics, 5/23 Musgrave Ave, Chirn Park. Simply find the BWS and Peter is in the same complex, just right up the back.
All readings are now sent via email. You will receive an email from ‘wetransfer.com’ and in this email you will find a link. Simply click on the link and download your reading. Allow up to 48hrs for your reading to come through.
First you may need to check you ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ inbox. The file may have gone in there. If it is not there then please contact the administrator to ensure the correct email was given. Please note, that we have found some issues with Hotmail address so if you have an alternative please supply that one.
You have just lost someone and looking to get in contact with them, you will need to wait a minimum of 4 months. For various reason your loved will most likely not come through until this time frame has passed.
There is no need to bring anything to your reading. Some people like to bring photos and if you feel the need to bring one then please do so, but they are not necessary.
This is really a matter of personal opinion and sometimes you just have to take a chance. However, Peter believes that the best way to find a good reader is through a recommendation from someone you trust.
Intuition, energy and psychic abilities are not restricted by time or space. These things recognise that there are no barriers or distance between you and any knowledge that is important to you. Within the sound of your voice or even in your name these things can touch and connect to you just the same as if you were in the same room.
The general time frame we advise is to wait a minimum 6 months before booking for another reading. This allows plenty of time for your life to move forward, change and allow yourself to express free will. We are not here to tell you how to live your life and nor do you need to seek the guidance of a psychic every day. Having said that, if something significant has happened after 3 months and you wish to book another reading then this may be done so at the discretion of the reader.

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